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E-PUR strives to provide Safe Water for All® especially in water reliability for both quantity and quality. Our work aids both people and the environment by providing effective solutions to water resource, water supply, and water-quality improvement projects.

E-PUR’s business philosophy focuses on long-term client relationships based in respect and trust. We work hard for our clients to meet or exceed their expectations. We establish clear communications on the anticipated outcomes for the project, how long it will take to achieve the desired outcomes, and what it should cost.

E-PUR employs some of the best and brightest people to problem solve on projects and help our clients achieve their goals and objectives. Our senior staff brings their collective experience to each project we undertake. Our professional staff includes licensed geologists, hydrogeologists, civil engineers, water rights examiners, along with experts in Geographic Information System (GIS), computer programming and database management. In addition to our own staff E-PUR applies a flexible business model to deliver successful projects through collaboration with other firms and individuals. Seasoned professionals are brought in from all over to our project teams that require a wider range of expertise or particular niche specialties. This enables the best resources to be applied to each project to help deliver project success.

E-PUR was founded in 2003 and is headquartered in Portland, Oregon with affiliates in California, Minnesota, Florida, and many other states.

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