E-PUR Services

Production Well

Siting, Design, and Testing

E-PUR’s dynamic head-loss analysis of Whitman College’s water-supply well enabled us to get the 900 fpm flow from our existing well by changing the well pump and motor to the right configuration.

Production wellhead for drinking waterE-PUR has both the expertise and experience required to locate a well where high-quality water can be efficiently produced or injected. Our engineers and hydrogeologists develop well designs and specifications to meet American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and American Water Works Association (AWWA) standards in addition to state requirements. We identify life-cycle costs and provide our clients with design options that can reduce the expense of building, operating, and maintaining their wells. E-PUR can take your project to completion, providing procurement support, selecting a well driller, overseeing field construction, and verifying that design standards are met.

We also utilize advanced field data collection and analytical techniques to describe well efficiency and pump efficiency optimizing energy consumption and water production of supply and injection wells.

Well Asset Management and Rehabilitation

Chart illustrating Whitman College Well predicted drawdown against observed drawdown

Asset management is a structured program for delivering defined service levels at an acceptable risk and at the lowest practical life-cycle cost. E-PUR’s well asset management techniques guide the timing and need for well screen studies and pump rehabilitation. We define maintenance needs based on cost analytics and life-cycle value for our client.

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